Smart Walls

Smart Walls:

Insulation Concrete Forms: 
Insulated concrete forms are a stay-in-place forming system for concrete. The forms are literally made out of insulation called expanded polystyrene, the same type of foam that ice chests are made of. Think of them as “adult size legos” and you’ll have it.

Advantage to user:
ICF walls are nearly sound proof, bug proof and fire proof. ICF walls create a quiet, clean-living environment that has to be experienced to be believed.

Savings to pocketbook:
Since ICFs are made of insulation, they will greatly reduce the cost to heat and cool your house; savings of 70 to 80 percent are possible.

Savings to the planet:
The key to saving the planet is to get everyone to use less electricity and burn less fossil fuel--way less. Building with ICFs is a cost effective way to achieve this.

Structural insulated panels:
Structural insulated panels are sometimes referred to as sandwich panels because in cross section that’s what they look like. The outside of the sandwich, called skins, is usually made from a type of building material called oriented strand board. The inside of the panel is usually made from EPS foam. SIP panels can be used to build floors, walls and roofs.

Advantage to user:
A SIP house is not only very quiet, but also nearly dust-free because the “envelope” of the house is almost airtight.
Savings to pocketbook: SIP homes are extremely energy-efficient and can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bill.

Savings to the planet:
Because SIPs are engineered specifically for each job, they have the potential to create nearly zero waste. SIPs are so energy-efficient; homes can be powered cost-effectively by using only renewable resources like solar power. Your News Source For Going Green!