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Ruff, Ruff, Recycle

When runs across creative green we like to pass it on.

For a lot of Bay Area shoppers that dog looked so real they wanted to pet it.  Look but don't touch. That little pooch is made of recycled newspapers. A creation from the Philippines actually and found at Kingdom of Herbs in San Francisco's One Ferry Building.  

A fascinating green gift with strands of old newspaper wound tight and shaped into a low maintenance, Earth friendly canine.

Tax Savings Green

Thanks to the last stimulus package, some relatively simple energy-efficient home improvements could help cut your utility and IRS bills. Replacing windows, doors, and heating and air conditioning systems, as well as installing new insulation, could net you a $1,500 tax credit on your 2010 tax bill. This means if you owe the IRS $2,000, your bill is trimmed to just $500. Note, however, that if you claimed the full credit on your 2009 return, you don't get it again this tax year.
Don't limit your energy savings to your house. Some hybrid vehicles could get you another federal tax credit. True, because of the way the program phased out popular alternative fuel autos, the pickings are a bit slim. But there still are some hybrid vehicles that can save you some 2010 tax dollars as long as you buy an eligible vehicle by the end of the year.

Alviston Green Fund takes the lead again in the world of green research and development. The Buchanan Energy Center in Central California is proof that a "green" future for many students is on the horizon. is here to provide more help.

Now announces the Green Fund. A fund dedicated to the promise of a green future. The Green Fund will be available to help with green research and development, scholarships and other promising green projects that will further the advancement of smart resource use and preservation. looks for Green Fund support one dollar at a time. Alviston citizens along with the founders of this virtual city can help build a sustainable future. Small donations can add up to save the planet and our resources and help those on a green career path. Click Donate Now above to become a Green Fund supporter.

Mayor Visits Green Galaxy

Atascadero CA-Mayor of Alviston, Mark Alvis visits the Central Coast of California. Alvis makes another Logix discovery. The Galaxy Theater is going green from the ground up.

Logix insulated concrete forms are the walls of choice for this new movie theater. Logix is the backbone of another West Coast project at Buchanan High School in Central California where a green learning center is near completion.

Slowly the idea of building with the insulated concrete forms gains acceptance on the West Coast. will keep a close watch on the progress of this project as well.

Bamboo Bikes!

Bamboo bikes are becoming the rage. Bamboo is abundant and now one Wisconsin company finds a way to make it roll down the road. took a test ride on the Dylan Organic Bike. From all appearances it's great ride. Here's how the Organic Bike website describes it.

For the "Dylan" Bamboo Bicycle, we have removed the need for a lot of the original alloy tubing and replaced it with the fastest growing, strongest, and most renewable resource on the planet- bamboo. Not only is the bamboo natural, but it also provides a ride quality that is far more comfortable than standard alloy frames. What alloy is used for our Bamboo bikes is 100% recycled!

Look our 'Green News' video report on the Organic Bike in the very near future.

40 Years of Earth Day

Washington DC-Green efforts from the nation's capital pick up momentum. It's been forty years of celebrating the earth. Four decades of awareness about the planet and our interaction with all around us, including the air that we breathe. 

Click on the logo for a look at what the White House is doing to celebrate the occasion of Earth Day 2010.


Future Ride

The city car of the future will seat two people, run on electric power and communicate with other vehicles to reach a destination faster while automatically avoiding traffic tie-ups and crashes. General Motors, working with electric-scooter maker Segway, has developed three concepts tailored toward that vision of future transportation. The Electric Networked Vehicle, or EN-V, concepts go on display May 1 at the World Expo in Shanghai.

Solar Tortoise

Mojave Desert-Here's where things can sometimes get a little confusing, if not frustrating for the environmentally concerned; not fanatical, yet concerned.

The desert tortoise in the Mojave Desert is on the endangered species list. An Oakland based company BrightSource Energy Incorporated wants to develop a vast solar gathering plant in the Mojave Desert. But the tortoise is there.

The above images illustrate the possibilities, not the actual project. In any case the plan was downsized to accommodate the tortoise-quarters. Now the plan is to use 3,500 sun-scorched acres of desert to create electricity. Enough to power 140-thousand homes.

Good that the environmental movement continues to watch-dog the endangered. Difficult to make "green" progress if all sides of the "green" movement can't find common ground. will follow the projects progress down the "green" road.

Air Streams

It's possible to see the science of nature and aviation if conditions and cameras are just right.  Case in point this shot taken by talented amateur photographer Mark Hodorowski. 

When the air is dense and lighting conditions are perfect you can actually pick up the air stream trail created by the props on a plane. 

That is not a special effect. It is the actual air movement off the props. It's not detected by the naked eye but can be picked up with certain adjustments to the digital image.

Heavy air over California's San Joaquin Valley in February 2010 produced this fascinating man-made and natural image.

Avatar Blue Green

Central CA-Just in case you missed it, Avatar (the movie) won a Golden Globe, Avatar (the movie) is a number one box office smash and Avatar (the movie) is actually a green story with blue creatures.
Curious movie goers show up to be dazzled by extraordinary special effects and leave with exposure to a blue-green message. 
Avatars and Na'vi are blue. The movie's plot revolves around a mystical green tie between the natives and the trees. 
The sci-fi underlying green theme seems to be working. Avatar is the second highest earning movie of all time. That's a lot of green; one way or the other.

Green Screens

  California-In a move watched by many...and not just on big screens...the California Energy Commission puts it's footprint down on big screen televisions. 
  Starting in 2011 all big screens and smaller sold in the state will need to reduce power consumption by 33% and make that 49% by 2013.
  The move is expected to save over 8-billion dollars in a 10-year period with
enough energy savings to power nearly 900-thousand homes.
  Electronics associations expressed concerns about lost jobs and higher prices with the regulation. Green watchers called it an opportunity for innovative design. The vote by the commission was unanimous 5-0.

Solar Queen

The Queen has gone solar. The royal icon is on shelves worldwide waiting for someone to sun her. These solar queens were located at Kwirkworld in Central California under the lights. It's a royal novelty. Instructions on the Kikkerland product are to place Her Majesty in the sunlight and watch the magic happen. Some thing about a royal wave. It's just one of many ways to skip batteries and use the sun...these queens were just under 13 press time that is just over 8 British pounds. Your News Source For Going Green!